Upward and onward!

Well, hello again interwebs,

There have been a few things going on in my life that has been keeping me away from posting on here. I think though it will be healthy for me to use this space to vent and post about things I like in order to prevent me from internalizing everything going on. I doubt that there are many readers to this blog besides the few that have found my post about the hopeful upcoming DMC DeLorean I posted about a while ago. However, if there are a few readers that actually care what I say then great!

As my education continues to evolve I would love to post more of my side projects such as my designs for a 3d printed scale Spruce Goose and more car projects. Hopefully as soon as my foot heals up I will be taking everyone on an adventure though getting a motorcycle license and everything involved with that.

Please check back soon and often for more updates!

Trying to organize my life

Well, I’ve been trying to clean up my life a little bit here and there so that when it becomes time to move back to Texas I can do so a little bit more organized. This includes throwing away unneeded items and starting to look for a truck for the trip back. I’m also looking to find activity that can clear my head like going to track days and time at the range. Perhaps some IDPA is in order. Anyway, hopefully more will be coming up soon.

Rolex 24 of Datona

1623776_10151953460222875_1568157802_nPhoto Credit: Flying Lizard Motorsports

Winners for this race are

Prototype: Joao Barbosa brought the Action Express Corvette DP to a overall win today.

Prototype Challenge: Colin Braun with ORECA FLM09, came in with the Prototype Challenge win for today.

GT LeMans: Patrick Pilet brought the Factory Porsche, Porsche 911 RSR in for a win with the GT LeMans series.

GT Daytona: Alessandro Pier Guidi driving the  Ferrari 458 Italia crossed the line first however IMSA gave them a time penalty when they didn’t give Flying Lizard Motorsports a driving line in a left hand turn at the end of the race. The win then go’s to Markus Winkelhock with Audi R8 LMS.

What would you do if you were not afraid?